Thursday, 24 November 2016


I visited major monumental figures in the ancient city of Ibadan recently and I have made haste to document my sights in this post. Please feel free to comment. 
Me standing atop the Bower's tower

Mo ti mo Ibadan, mo ti mo Layipo" At last now I can beat my chest hard that I know Ibadan. I have been to Layipo, I climbed the seven hills, I climbed the over 60 feet tall Bower’s Tower, in Oke–Are, in the one-time dreaded Igbo-Agala (Agala forest), the home of Ibadan’s illustrious Generalissimos, the settlement of the great Ibadan warlords in the 17th century. 

The Tower has about 47 spiral staircases, designed by Engineer Robert Taffy Jones and was erected in the 1930s by the Ibadan Native Authority but was unveiled on December 15, 1936 by Captain Robert Lister Bower who was then the Resident and Travelling Commissioner for Ibadan and the Interior of Yorubaland in the South Western Nigeria, (1893-1897).

 The hill was named after him. Standing atop the tower, on the highest hilltop in the city, I saw the nook and cranny of Ibadan, I saw Ibadan metropolis, a panoramic view of all the important places like the University College Hospital (UCH), University of Ibadan, Dugbe Market , Agodi Gardens, Iwo Road, Cocoa House and the Adamacimba stadium and thousands of rustic corrugated iron roofing sheets. 
A view from the highest point on the city's highest hilltop. The Ibadan metropolis

My observation, in the spirit of tourisms promotion, I feel the Oyo state government should spend money to make money at Layipo. Presently they collect N200 from visitors willing to climb the tower, the environment should be improved and the charges increased.

 The tower and it's environment is in a deplorable condition, the place neglected. According to the records on the wall, the last time maintenance was carried out in 1999 by General Patrick Aziza. The building is strong but the narrow stairs is not wide enough to accommodate two people to climb at the same time, as such the place needs total renovation and enlightenment for it to become a veritable tourist centre.

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