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Recently  I made a list of all the places I visited last year, and while doing so, I stumbled upon a town that has a special place in my heart. The town of Ushafa. A town located within the FCT. A town that adorns the FCT with its wonderfully set geographical features. Read more gist about my second visit to Ushafa town😁. And please feel free to use the comment section- DrRaphael James.

Ushafa is a pseudo name from the original name “Wushapa”. The very first time I stepped into this town with a rich history was sometime in April, 2015, when I visited the lake, nut. All through my tour, I was amazed  with the natural geo-setting. The mountains, rocks and the fact Ushafa city centre is squeezed amongst some hills, covered with beautiful vegetations. And so this month, I decided I needed to breathe in the air of that town again. I made a return visit(I just couldn't resist the urge). For those who missed my first story, this is a brief  description of that wonderful town. 
The lake

The people of Wushapa who are Gbagyi speaking people settled in their present abode at about the 18th century. In Gbagyi language, the word Wushapa (Ushafa) literally means “teach us how to tie”. Oral tradition trace the origin of Wushapa to Borno to Kano to Katenyi Kubwacha and Kwoi in the present Kaduna state to Yawupe (Yaupe) and finally to Wushapa their present location.

 "So there is this 'BILL CLINTON' village(wonder why there is such a thing), that had me having high hopes that soon there could be a 'RAPHAEL JAMES Village too😀😁"
The beautiful landscape, the hills, the vegetation, the FRESH air! 

 Wushapa is located North-Western plains of Abuja about forty (40) kilometers (km) away, within the Federal Capital in Abuja. Wushapa is distinguished by some of its naturally endowed geographical as well as historical features which sets it apart from neighboring settlements. These features have attracted it to tourists and visitors from within and outside the country. Some of these features includes: Obmi Yakwo (a large cave that can conveniently accommodate over 1000 people), Adabui Tagmu (Granaries that are near completed); these granaries are four in number and are on the top of a mountain beside the village and Kuchidna (a river in the forest). 

The famous Lower Usuma Dam, which is the major source of water supply for the FCT Abuja. There is also the 'BILL CLINTON' village(wonder why there is such a thing), I have high hopes that soon there could be a 'RAPHAEL JAMES Village too. The length of my stay didn't offer me the opportunity to visit the 'Esu'(ruler/king) of the town. But that should be my top priority on my next visit(very soon).

Hey! That town is top notch, and it is a town you shouldn't miss if you should ever visit the FCT. Or... Have you seen the town already? Please tell me your experience. I want to know!😁 have a nice day.

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