Sunday, 4 December 2016


Final year students of tertiary institutions  expend a lot of sweat trying to complete their course successfully, and one hurdle the have to pass is the research work, popularly known as 'project'. For most students, a lot of money goes into the research, drawing out the data, converting it to computer readable soft copy and then finally to hard copies which are submitted to various units with the institution.
But it recently came to our notice that a certain university in Nigeria has no regard for the research work of their students. 

Someone sent me photos of a huge amount of these valuable, information rich documents heaped probably being prepared for burning. Now the question is, should this be happening in Nigeria in this age, isn't it a sure sign that education is approaching the end, with a terminal illness? Please read on...

In your final year in the university it is compulsory you write a 'final year project' which is a test of your ability to do research. You are to formulate hypothesis, review related literatures, sometimes you do interviews, surveys and other research techniques, which may include both present and historical information. The result of your research work can be used for further research works either to support it or to disagree with it. 

Most university undergraduates today, don't even bother to do a proper research work , they copy from old projects and change the identity of the owners. That is by the way. Look at this photo(above), posted by Franklin Okechukwu Onwubiko. For a university, an academic institution to throw away the project findings of her finale year students, this is the end of education in Nigeria. 

Why go to school, why do research if it will not be used to benefit the society? I am appealing pls any university that wants to throw away things like this should donate it to CRIMMD Library, we will be glad to keep the rubbish.

*For reasons best known to us, we have withheld the name of the school involved in the story. 

Please share this with people if you are unhappy with the standard of education in Nigeria. Say yes to more knowledge! 

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  1. This is so so saddening.
    Sometimes I wonder what planet Nigeria actually come from.