Thursday, 29 December 2016


It was about this time, December 1989, when a two-day music festival in Lagos tagged “Lekki Sunsplash `89" was held, the very first of its kind ever in Nigeria and Africa, sponsored by organizations including: Lagos State Ministry of Home Affairs and Tourism and 7up Bottling Company Limited, among many others. 

It brought together an assemblage of the finest talents in the music industry, it was a music concert of talents and stars that brought out hidden but outstanding Nigerian young talents alongside the promotion of established artists. The role call was massive as far as the music industry was concerned, yours truly was there, though an audience, after I lost my demo-tape in 1986, I lost interest in producing my own music. At Lekki, I saw stars in the bright day, stars like Evi-Edna Ogholi-Ogosi, Femi`Anikulapo Kuti, the Rebels, the African Calypso sensation Jambos Express, Mike Obi, Ras Kimono, Alex Zitto, Bushman, Orits Wiliki, Shelia and Des Majek and Veno Marioghae.

Daniel Willison 27 years ago

Part of the entertainment was the screenings of about 150 entries of music stars by Polygram, the screening produced four young artistes: Ify Ofili, Cicely Imokhimin; Majeed and Austen of Paten. The Lekki Sunsplash Podium 89 Award was won by Ify Ofili, a lead singer and dancer with Onyeka Owenu.

It was at the Lekki Sunsplash that the crowed almost fainted for Daniel Wilson who with his reggae-calypso brand throbbing  music, had the audience yelling for more, even when the Master of Ceremony - Geraido Pino had signaled the end of Daniel Wilson`s appearance time.

Daniel Wilson was not initially signed for Lekki Sunsplash 89, his being there can be described as a musical accident by the organizers a day before the program.
Daniel Wilson had perfumed a day before the Lekki Sunsplash at a music concert tagged "Surprise `89" which was held at Tafawa Balewa Square on Christmas day without costs, not minding the fact that he paid for his trip and band boys from Port Harcourt.

Dr James and Daniel Willison 2016

As, Daniel tried to walk away from the stage, the crowed kept yelling more, more and some of them climbed up stage and ran after Daniel, the young man was excited, he wanted to stand and shake hands with his fans, when Fela saw what was happening and imagined what will happen when the fans get close to him, he pulled Daniel back stage and asked him to run into his car, Daniel explained that he had no car and  Fela offered him and his band boys, his molue bus and asked them to drive as fast as they could. Some of the fans ran out of TBS in pursuance of the molue but Fela instructed the driver never to stop, as they sped off, they noticed a car speeding after them, Fela recognized the driver to be Mr. Utche Okwuosah, organizer of Lekki Limited, so they stopped. He was among the crowd and he was captivated by Daniel's performance. Right there and then a contract was signed and that was how Daniel Wilson became part of the Lekki Sunsplash the next day.

At the Lekki Sunsplash the tall, dark complexioned performer thrilled his audience with his reggae-calypso music which had the tune staccato lyrics of Mighty Sparrow`s calypso with a percussion typical of Louis Satchmo`s jazz.
Watch out for more on Daniel Wilson from me in the coming months


  1. Wow! I am in a daze at the sheer accuracy of your report and in total bewilderment on your memory or source of information because though this event and the chain of occurrences after my performance were widely published exactly as you have recounted, our media houses did not have the digital storage facilities of today to have preserved this story and a whale lot of other stories that were written about me and other celebrities of those years, so how did you preserve this story Dr. Rapheal James? You are amazing! Thank you very much! It feels like a time travel for me.

  2. Wow...
    Speechless sir.
    A great man he is.

  3. I witnessed Daniel's performance then as a fresh high graduate; he thrilled us with his brilliant performance. He awesome