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Dr James Raphael on stage at the Afrika Shrine

Fela Anikulapo Kuti - singer, composer, bandleader, trumpet, sax and keyboard player and politician, was a notable Africa's controversial musician, he fought for the rights of the common man not minding constant harassments and imprisonments by Military  government in Nigeria. He joined the 'Cool Cats' as a singer and discovered his own kind of music 'highlife-jazz'. In 1968, he formed 'Afro-beat' and went on a ten month tour of America. On his return to Nigeria he started the Shrine, and changed the name of his band to 'Afrika70' and later to 'Egypt 80'. In 1979, he formed his own political party - "MOP" (Movement of the People). He died on Saturday, August 2, 1997.

Fela's words on marble inside the shrine

Dr James Raphael in front of the main shrine  at the Afrika Shrine, you can see Fela's dress hanged at the background

Photo gallery at the New Afrika Shrine

main gate of the New Afrika Shrine

Fela Anikulapo Kuti's original Shrine was burnt down, this replacement run by his children is possibly the best place for any musical show in town. It is managed by Femi Kuti and Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti. It is an open air entertainment centre located in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.  It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival. It is the replacement of the old 'Afrika Shrine' created in 1970 by Fela Kuti and was managed until it was burnt down in 1977. The New Afrika Shrine showcases photo galleries of Fela and music performances by Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti thus making it a tourist attraction. The annual Felabration Afrobeat concert holds at the New Afrika Shrine,it is a celebration of Fela's life and times, and the legacy of his social activism and his music left behind and carried on by his children and fans. Felabration attracts music lovers across the world. 2016 edition kicked off on October 10th.

Fela Kuti special stool at the New Afrika Shrine

Fela's portrait on display at the shrine

The New Afrika shrine

At the Shrine, weekly, Femi Kuti plays free on Thursdays nights and does a paid show on Sundays. Seun Kuti, plays the last Saturday of the month. Everything you will ever want while relaxing is sold within the shrine: Snacks, ice cream, palm wine, shawama. Suya, nkwobi and many others. Smoking is allowed but hard drugs are not sold inside the shrine.

Dancer's stand at the New Afrika Shrine

old Fela Kuti's poster when he performed for N5, can u imagine that?

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