Sunday, 29 April 2018


In my Igbo attire 

In 2014, I commenced a self motivated, self sponsored trip across Nigeria, visiting and documenting tourist sites. Some people have called me names like 'Ajala-Travel' after the first Nigerian globe-trotter: Mashood Adisi Olabisi Ajala. Ajala have been described as Africa's greatest traveler, after he visited 87 countries in six years and mostly on his bicycle. A blogger, (, recently described me as the "King of Tourism in Nigeria", in all things, I thank God Almighty. It has been capital intensive, doing the tour without sponsorships, considering the fact that I also run a free public Library and a free skill acquisition center for women, but I thank God for guidance, protection and love throughout my journeys. For me, tourism has an important place within the world economy and represents a basic branch in many countries with tourists locations. It is a known fact that the Christian pilgrimages to Israel and Islamic faithful pilgrims to Saudi Arabia have contributed to their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in those countries. If the government of Nigeria can invest in tourism, I am very convinced that it will improve our GDP a whole lot. My visit to Abia State.

While in Abia, I visited the Long Juju of Arochukwu, a cave with dark tunnel that seems endless. It was through here that a lot of slaves left for other settlements around the world. 

at the national war museum Umuahia in Abia state

behind an aircraft bomber 

Before the slave trade, this place was used to settle disputes among villages. It has become an internationally recognized tourist spot in the world. I was at the Azumini Blue River, a beautiful tourist site, the blueness of the river is unique. i also visited the national Museum in Aba, 

signing a document on Lord Lugard's table and the national museum in Aba, Abia state with the curator watching 

I visited the Amakama Wooden Cave, I saw a large tree that has a hollow right inside it that can accommodate up to 20 people believed to have been used as a safe house for people during the slave era and inter-tribal wars. I was also at the National War Museum situated at Ebite Amafor in Isingwu in Umuahia. There are three great galleries in the museum that would give you insights to what really happened in the Nigerian Civil War era.
Umuahia town a view from my hotel

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Sunday, 15 April 2018


eating my cashew nut as a snack in my office

Cashew nut is a product of cashew seed,  in the cashew apple of a cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale). The tree grow as high as 14 m (46 ft), there are also dwarf cashews, that grow up to 6 m (20 ft), these are more profitable, with earlier maturity and higher yields.

Nigeria is among the world producers of cashew. Nigeria in the 60’s were among the world leading nations in cashew export, today, Nigeria has no rating, for example, three years ago in 2015, global production of cashew nuts (as in the kernel) was 738,861 tonnes, India and Côte d'Ivoire led the pack each with 23% of the world total production. Vietnam and Brazil also had significant production of cashew kernels.
In Nigeria and other African countries Cashew nuts are on high demands for manufacturing cashew milk, a plant milk alternative to dairy milk.

Bags of cashew nuts for export in the 1960's
The shell of the cashew seed yields derivatives that can be used in many applications including lubricants, waterproofing, paints, and arms production, starting in World War II.
Cashew nut can be eaten as snack and it is also used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter, it is used for garnishing sweets or curries, or ground into a paste that forms a base of sauces for curries.
Cashew nuts help in keeping a check on various ailments, such as heart disease, because it has a cholesterol lowering effect. It helps lower LDL and increase the carrying capacity for HDL. HDL is responsible to absorb the cholesterol from the heart and take it to the liver where it is broken down. It is rich in copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorous which plays an important role in the elimination of free radicals from our body. Copper deficiency can lead to iron deficiencies such as anemia. It helps to protect the eye, because it contains a powerful antioxidant pigment called Zea Xanthin, which is readily and directly absorbed by our retina.

Visiting a drying and bagging cashew nut factory in Ogbomoso in one of my tours across Nigeria 

I love my cashew nuts always what about you, try and see my secret of ever young.

cashew nuts in the sun, for drying before loading into bags 

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Prophetic Jeremiah of Africa Awolowo – his last journey on earth

Dr. James standing at the entrance of Awolowo Square in Ikenne 

On May 9th 1987, he set out for his last journey, when his soul departed from his body at his. About a month later on May 31, the seven days funeral rites started and ended on Saturday June 6th, his final journey.   

Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo, GCFR

It was a celebration of life, as people came from far and wide to celebrate the life of a great statesman. Yours truly was there was there too to pay my last respect, it feels like yesterday as I sat down to play back the whole events the much I can remember. It was celebration all through with songs of praise to accompany him in that last journey.

Chief Awolowo lies in state at Ibadan stadium

On Sunday May 31st, His last journey home commenced when, his body arrived the National Stadium through the Oworonshoki-Oshodi-Apapa expressway. It was a wet day but that did not stop the crowd who were eager to see and even feel AWO. While the body was lying in state and the crowd were eager to see the body the organisers agreed that the best option was that the pall bearers should carry the casket into the open, from its covered podium. This was done on two occasions and even with that the crowd were just not satisfied and not happy as they wanted to see and feel his body, so they started singing, “All we are saying gives us Awo.” Awo’s wife Mrs. Hannah Idowu had to come out to acknowledge the cheers of the demanding crowd and plead with them to bear, with them since it was raining.

Massive Crowds bid Chief Awolowo - good bye

On Friday, June 5, his body arrived Ibadan, probably to show respect that his political life started there. Ibadan received his body with salutes from their Dane-guns and shouts of Awo! The crowd was massive like never seen before; one will think that the entire Ibadan people left their homes for that honour. Everyone that has eyes, even if crippled was there to say good bye to Awo. Roof tops, balconies and tree tops were occupied. It was estimated that the crowd was over 4,000 on the street and most of the invited dignitaries and family members were dressed in white. There was a commendation service held in his honour at the liberty stadium in Ibadan, with about 50,000 people in attendance. 

Papa Awo Odigba, written across the stadium 

After the stadium, his body was received inside the church, by six member of the Wesley Group, (Awo was a life patron), the church sang “For all the saints who from their labours rest” as their processional hymn. Bishop E. A. Idowu of Lagos Cathedral read the scripture from Ecclesiastical Chapter 44 verse 1-4,7,11-15, during the fifty minutes commendation service. Between 3.00 – 3.10 p.m., there was a light shower of rain while, the Bishop of the Ibadan Methodist Diocese – Bishop T.T Solaru, was giving his sermon. At the Ibadan event, there were about 1000 policemen to help control the crowd. The body was taken to his former office as Premier in the 1950’s, the parliament building in Agodi, were a special parliamentary session was held in his honour with a funeral oration by the state Governor Colonel Adetunji Olurin, who addressed him as the “prophetic Jeremiah of Africa.” 

Very senior Army officers salutes Chief Awolowo last salute

On Saturday, June 6th, the body left Lagos for the final journey to Ikenne where it lay in state. In Ikenne, mourners peacefully filled past his body. The Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) performed their funeral rites on him, the members filed in, wearing bishop-like robes, walked round the body. Their leader Kenneth U. Idiodi, Grand Regional Administrator and President of the Rosicrucian Order in his funeral citation explained that they believe in life after death. They presented to Mrs Awo her husband apron of life. In all Awo had 14 orations. Relaxed as if he was sleeping and smiling, he was laid in the golden casket and was placed in the monologue. As his body was carried into the church, it was received with a rendition of one of his favourite tunes: “All hail the Power of Jesus’ name.” The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, the Most Reverend Timothy Olusofoye, in his sermon read from the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 13, verse 36, he recounted Awo’s excellent works on earth.
Ibadan from the top of a roof as Chief Awolowo goes home through the street of Ibadan

Local hunters with their Dane-guns as they salute the body of Chief Awolowo 

The church service ended by 1. 22 
pm., the SAN Members mounted a guard of honour while the bishops and other officiating ministers filed past. By 1.30 pm the SANs wheeled the casket slowly on its final exit from the church, with the recessional hymn: “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord” and the chorus: “Glory, Glory Alleluia; Glory,    Glory, Glory Alleluia; Glory, Glory Alleluia; His Truth is marching on” we all headed to the chapel-like mausoleum in his compound, his final resting place. The construction of the two level tomb was said to have cost about #400,000 then.

AWO Mausoleum, his last resting place in Ikenne

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Dancing Shekere at the Aláàfin of Oyo Palace

Dancing to the Shekere, a Yoruba instrument made by covering a calabash in a net of beads, as the crowd watch on

The Aláàfin palace is the home and seat of the (King) Oba of Oyo Empire, which was established sometime in the 15th century. The empire grew to become one of the largest empires in West African. It started with Oranyan (Oranmiyan), the last prince of Ile-Ife (Ife) after he made an agreement with his brother to launch a war against their northern neighbours for insulting their father Oduduwa. As they progressed to the battlefield, the two brothers had a misunderstanding that split their army into two. Oranyan's army was smaller, so he walked away and found himself with his army at Bussa. The king of Bussa welcomed him and gave him a gift of a snake with a magic charm attached to its throat.  It was this snake that led him to where he settled at Ajaka which is in the present day Oyo. Oranyan declared Oyo his new kingdom and became the first "Oba" (king) with the title of " Aláàfin of Oyo".

A large tree old tree inside the palace, on the left hand side of your screen is where the garden, fenced round

Aláàfin Oranyan later begot a son Ajuwon Ajaka, after then there was Arabambi. After Aláàfin Oranyan joined his ancestors, his son Ajaka became the Aláàfin, Ajaka was deposed and his brother, Shango took over but died later and Ajaka was restored as the Aláàfin. After his departure he was replaced by Kori, who is said to have ruled over the metropolitan Oyo.

The empire grew and waxed from fame to fame though they never encompassed all Yoruba-speaking people, but it remains the most populous kingdom in Yoruba history.

the residential quarter of the Alaafin 

Recently, I visited the Aláàfin’s palace. The current Aláàfin is Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III the Aláàfin of Oyo, Lamidi's father, the Aláàfin of Oyo Oba Adeyemi II Adeniran, was deposed and exiled in 1954 for supporting the National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) political party. The ‘Yoruba’ party then, the Action Group did not like the idea and as such there was a conflict between the Aláàfin and Bode Thomas, the then deputy leader of the Action Group. The party used the political power and deposed him.

this was the old Chamber of the Alaafin

The word ‘Aláàfin’ - stands for 'owner of the palace', invariably the Aláàfin of Oyo is the owner of the palace of Oyo. The palace and the king’s market are the two most important structures in Oyo. They signified the importance of the king in Oyo.

The palace was originally built at the center of the city close to the Oba's market called 'Oja-Oba'. It had a tall earthen wall for defense with 17 gates.

The mosque in the palace 

The present Palace is large with many structures inside it, I observed two entrances, the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ entrance, maybe there are more, I never noticed. Opposite both sides of the entrance of the palace they have markets that sales basically native substances like skin of animals, creatures like tortoise, chameleon, snails and a host of other materials that is used for performing rituals to the gods.

Alaafin of Oyo, Làmídì Oláyíwolá Adéyemí III on his throne inside the Royal Chambers

Dr Raphael James dancing to the Shekere

Inside the palace there is a mosque, the old Royal Chambers, the modern Royal Chambers, and the residential home of the Oba. Each of the buildings within the palace have their separate gates.

The Aláàfin has a pond in the palace where he keeps gold fish, and there are tortoises there too. Inside the Royal Chambers, the Aláàfin has his own special chair with a foot rest and a lion skin with the head still on it, with eyes popping out as if the lion will come to life. There are also two smaller chairs by the sides, probably for the wives. There are three golden heads of lions on both sides of his chair. There are two other bigger chairs on both side of the Aláàfin’s chair, I guess they should be for important personalities, the one on his right hand side has a green-white-green colour, while the second one is cream in colour.         

Dr. James inside the Royal Chamber of  the Aláàfin of Oyo

The Royal Chambers wall is barricaded with probably mahogany wood, for they look tastefully beautiful. There are long stretch of chairs on both sides of the Royal Chambers. On the left of the Aláàfin seats the Oyemesis (King Makers). The seven-man electoral college member, They possess the legislative powers though not absolute. Their power include among many others: Selection of a new Aláàfin, making of laws, providing checks and balances, ensuring that policies were implemented and advising the Aláàfin on good governance. On the right side of the Royal Chambers are for visitors to the palace.
chairs arranged in the royal chamber, u can see the beautifully carved entrance door to the chamber 

There is carved large bird on the ceiling of the Royal Chambers, that looks like the bird is descending into the chambers, it is creativity at its best.

the ceiling of the Royal Chambers

the head of the Lion at the foot of the Alaafin.

The Oyemesi as well as visitors to the Royal Chambers mostly of Yoruba origin prostrate flat on the ground to greet the Aláàfin as tradition demands, yours faithfully joined and flat on the ground to give honour to who honour was due to, the great Aláàfin of Oyo, Kábíyèsí, Iku Baba Yeye, Alashe,  Ekeji Orisha. I salute you.


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Miss Ebube, the Morning of her 18th birthday 

Today April 11, 2018 she clocks 18. Nigeria/Africa's youngest author, and according to the Guinness book of records, probably the second youngest female published author in the world, after Dorothy Straight who was born on May 25, 1958 in Washington, DC, USA, and wrote “How the World Began” in 1962, aged 4. It was published in August 1964 by Pantheon Books.
her book Freedom written at age 5+
Ebube in her skill class producing a bag
Ebube on the cover of Pacific Success Digest

Born April 11, 2000, she enrolled in Beulahfield Nursery & Primary School in 2001 at the age of 9 months. She started writing at the age of 5, but presented her first published book on her 6th birthday, April 11, 2006 “FREEDOM”. 

Ebube with her family, parents standing and siblings by her side

She was described then by the Lagos State Polytechnic Magazine as the “The Guinness Book Of World Records success breaker and youngest author in the World”. 

Ebube with Mrs Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, OON

In 2007-2008, she received the Beulahfield Nursery & Primary School, Certificate of Merit for the overall best performance in neatness. Sharon is also involved in philanthropy works; she donated foodstuffs, clothing and a tricycle to the Center for Destitute Empowerment, Idimu Ejigbo in 2007. She has been interviewed on Women Tower FM, Israel, Radio Nigeria, Inspirational FM 92.3, TVC, NTA2 Channel 5. In 2010 she served as her School Social Prefect while in Primary six. Same year, on February 10, she was voted as ‘The Western Magazine “Face of the future – EBUBE, Nigeria’s Young Author”, on February 19, 2010, she launched project “WASH-A-HAND” and donated 18 wash hand basins to all the classes from nursery one - primary six in her school. On July 28, 2016, her graduation day from secondary school, she donated 50 lap top bags to her class mates and school teacher in appreciation of time spent with them while in secondary school.

Ebube with Prof Wole Soyinka

In December 2011, she got a special phone call from American based, Nigerian born Computer wizard Professor Philip Emegwali, who showed great interest in her book and encouraged her to write more. 
Ebube with Prof Wajackoya, when he visited her in her school

On February 23, 2012, she played host to Professor George Luchiri Wajackoya in her school, when the American based Professor of Law and Kenya's Presidential candidate visited her school. Prof Wajackoyah described his meeting with 12 year old Oluebubechukwu as the height of his joy, during his visit in Nigeria and in his words, “I have met with world leaders outside Nigeria and Kenya, but meeting with this young girl who is proudly standing tall even at this tender age is a thing of joy, I am honoured, and I consider it a great privilege to have her visit me specially.” Sir George made a contribution to the young writer towards her upcoming second book. She has also hosted in her school Chief Emeka Kalu PDP Chairman in the United States of America and Chief Reagan Ufomba an Abia State Gubernatorial candidate. In June 2015, she hosted Miss Nollywood Nigeria Gwendolyn Elohor Tagbarha in her school and donated 100 copies of her book to her.

Ebube with Miss Nollywood Nigeria Gwendolyn Elohor Tagbarha during her visit to Ebube's school

On July 28, 2016, she received 'Excellent Service Award' for her contribution to her school First Buelahfield College, as the school Ambassador and Assistant Health Prefect. On May 27, 2016, she was among the "TIKFA Faces of the future: celebrating ten children affecting lives in Nigeria" On October 3, 2015 she received a 'Merit Award in recognition & celebration of her achievement & ground breaking ingenuity as Nigeria’s Youngest Published Author' by SPEAK QUILL INITIATIVE (SQI) in celebration of Nigeria’s 55th Independence anniversary. On 30th September 2015, she was honoured with the Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Meritorious Award by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Africa Genius Award Centre, Ghana. On February 20, 2015, she won the ‘Youngster of the Year’ The Ikenna Kalu Facebook Award (TIKFA) 2014. On July 22, 2014 she was awarded the First Buelahfield College Promotion Merit Award for promoting her school at the national and international level. On July 20, 2013, she was appointed and crowned her School Ambassador - “First Buelahfield Ambassador” On July 17, 2012, she was awarded with a Certificate of Recognition form “Shake The Tree” Organisation in America, for her accomplishment and valuable contribution to the world of literature.

Ebube have a press interview

On Monday February 10-17, 2014 she was voted the author of the week by the Port Harcourt World Book Capital 2014. On November 15-17, 2013, she was among the Readers at the “GREEN FESTIVAL” Green Reading’ young authors of the Lagos book fair held at the Freedom Park, Lagos. On August 2013, she was Special Teen Guest at “TEN TO SIXTEEN/COKER-AGUDA BACK TO SCHOOL BOOK FAIR” held at the Coker-Aguda Development Council. On July 17, 2013, she was appointed the Children Pastor during the Children’s Week program at the Redeemed Christian Church, Mount Zion Parish, David's Court, Province 37, Idimu

Ebube with Chief Sir Alex Akinyele JP, former Minister of Information Nigeria

She has autographed her book for personalities including Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor J P Clark, Professor George Luchiri Wajackoyah, Governor Rotimi Amechi, General Jones Arogbofa, Chief Alex Akinyele jp, Chief Mrs. Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Ochiagha Reagan John Ufomba, Chief Olu Jacobs, Uncle Pelu Awofeso, (aka) Waka-About,  Amara Van Lere and many others.

Ebube signing an autograph for Gov Rotimi Amaechi of rivers state

She has featured in over two dozens of book readings in Lagos and other states including the: She delivered a talk at the CEE-HOPE's Girl Conference and the review of 'RUN' her documentary film on girl marriage, October 16, 2016.  "REFLECTOR BOOK FESTIVAL" at the Obafemi Awolowo University on March 5th 2016. 

Ebube with Mr Mike Awoyifa of the Sun Newpaper

She has donated over 7000 copies of her book, “FREEDOM’ to schools, Orphanages and NGO, She also donated books to the Internal Displayed Persons in Northern Nigeria through the 'Young Bookworms of Nigeria'. On Saturday April 26, 2014 she featured on 92.3 Inspiration FM.  on “Teen Times with Chichi” and was subsequently appointed to reign from Monday April 28- May 5, 2014, as the week leading youth, “TEEN OF THE WEEK’ on the 9INETEEN magazine website. She also took part in March 1, 2014 'Notable Wo-Men of the Centenary' event held in Lagos.  

Ebube after making a presentation in a program with some of the students

She was also invited as a guest at the World Book Capital in Port Harcourt, where she donated 30 copies of her book for the program.  
A Vanguard newspaper publication on Ebube 2006

A Newswatch Publication on Ebube 20006
Magazines cover: She has been on the cover of the 'Pacifist Success Digest Magazine' August 2016 edition and ‘Life Experience’ magazine May 2014 edition; cover of 'Echonews School edition' April May 2012. Highlighted on the cover of 'The National Pride Magazine' June/July 2006. She has granted interviews to over 10 publications and featured in 18 news-stories. 

Ebube when she received the Kwame Nkrumah Award with other recipients

She is a member of the Lagos based CRIMMD Library, a member of the Children And The Environment (CATE). A volunteer member of the Beach Samaritan, a volunteer member of the CRIMMD FREE SKILL ACQUISITION CENTER FOR WOMEN. Her hobbies include writing, reading and bead making.  

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Dr Raphael James with Alagba

In the town of Ogbomoṣo lives the oldest living creature on earth. Ogbomoṣo is believed to have been founded in the mid- 17th century. Back in the 17th century it was fenced round with a gate just like the Benin kingdom, for security reasons. The fence was a high security advantage for the town as the gate was secured by her warriors both at day and night. History have it that one ‘Ogunlola’ a hunter landed in the area in the late part of the 16th century and took refuge under a tree, the ‘Ajagbon’, he later invited other hunters, ‘Aale’ in the present day ‘Oke-Elerin’, ‘Onsile’ at Ijeru and ‘Orisatolu at Isapa.

Ogunlola, brought them together and formed ‘Alongo’ Society. The four hunters worked as a team until when Ogunlola was captured into captivity by the Alafin of Oyo, he later gained his freedom when he killed ‘Elemoso’ who was terrorising the Alafin. Elemeso’s army was therefore routed. Alaafin was so impressed by Ogunlola’s prowess he granted Ogunlola’s wish to return to his settlement. Later, travellers passing to and fro, his settlement statered calling the place “ido eni ti o gb’Elemoso”, meaning (the settlement of the man who beheaded Elemaso). “ido eni ti o gb’Elemoso” was later contracted to Ogbomoso. Ogunlola became greater and more respected. He was consequently made the head of the settlement under the title of ‘Soun’ to reflect his request from the Alaafin, ‘let me stay yonder’. His compound by the Ajagbon tree then became the Soun’s palace and a rallying point for all Ogbomoso citizens.
Royal Majesty Oba (Dr) Oladunmi Oyewunmi Ajagungbade (CON, CFR)

That place where Ogunlola started it all is the present palace and the current Soun (king) is the 92 years old, Royal Majesty Oba (Dr) Oladunmi Oyewunmi Ajagungbade (CON, CFR)

In the palace lives ‘Alagba’ the wise tortoise believed to be over 300 years old. A giant male land tortoise based on oral history, has lived over 300 years. It is said that the tortoise was brought to the palace by Soun Ikumoyede Ajao, the third Soun of Ogbomoso, who reigned between 1797 to 1825.

If Alagba was brought in between 1797 to 1825, the question will be how old was Alagba before he came to the palace. 1797 – 2018 is 221 years. Invariably Alagba is over 221 years old 

Dr James in front of the palace of Afin Ogbomoso

As a historian and an adventurer, I don’t doubt historical facts, I only dig deep into them. Tortoises, symbolize longevity in some cultures and they generally have one of the longest lifespans among all the creatures.

One of the oldest tortoise ever recorded is ‘Tu'i Malila’, which was presented to the Tongan royal family by the British explorer Captain Cook shortly after its birth in 1777. Tu'i Malila remained in the care of the Tongan royal family until its death by natural causes on May 19, 1965, at the age of 188. There was also a koi named Hanako, died on July 17, 1977, at the age of 226-years. 

Adwaita in the Alipore Zoo in India was claimed to be among the oldest living tortoise until its death on March 23, 2006. It was brought to India by Lord Wellesley, and handed over to the Alipur Zoological Gardens in 1875, the West Bengal officials said records showed Adwaita was at least 150 years old, but the zoo officials said he was 250 years old.

‘Harriet; at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, was believed to have been brought to England by Charles Darwin, Harriet died on June 23, 2006, at 176 years old.

‘Timothy’ lived for about 165 years and died in 2004, she was believed to be the United Kingdom's oldest living creature as of then and was carried as a mascot aboard various ships in Britain's Royal Navy. There is also ‘Jonathan’, a Seychelles giant tortoise living on the island of St Helena, said to have been born in 1832. That is 186 years old as of 2018. He was brought to the island in 1882, and there is a photo of him taken in 1902.

the King and his Prince Oyekunle by his side 

The female Greenland shark is believed to be the world’s oldest vertebrate, speculated to have been born between 1501 and 1744, so she is probably between 274 and 517 years old as of 2018.  Then if we judge base on the lowest possible date of birth which is 1774, then our own dear ‘Alagba’ in Ogbomoso at over 300 years remains the world oldest creature.

Dr James in front of the Recreational hall in the palace
I am inviting the UNESCO team as well as more researchers to confirm this by visiting our own dear ‘Alagba’ and give him the proper recognition that it deserves. 

My 13 year old son, Ikemsinachukwu my official photographer for the tour

I present to you ‘Alagba’ the world oldest living creature on earth as at 2018   

Alagba the over 300 years old tortoise 

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