Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Amazing discoveries of what may be the 3rd Emeka Ojukwu’s bunker.

standing by the opening of the tunnel, though i was convinced its a well

 At the National War Museum Umuahia annex, is a structural  masterpiece, built in 90 days (between April to June 1968) during the Nigerian Civil War. Originally referred to as the Subterranean Office of the Government of Biafra, but today it is called the ‘Ojukwu Bunker’. 

The remains of an old building, said to be a part of the bunker

The bunker has a bedroom, kitchen, store, bathroom, conference room, a parlour, toilet and a prison. There is also an escape route, a tunnel of escape in case of attack. Also in Amorka in the Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra state there is yet another Ojukwu Bunker. These two bunkers are officially recognised, but amazingly there might be yet a third bunker.

more of the buildings 
My life of adventure and exploration took me to Uzuakoli in Abia state where I was told that there is yet a third Ojukwu bunker yet to be verified. Unfortunately I could not work into the well-like tunnel to find out where it burst out, but my tour-guard told me that during the civil way the Biafran leader could go through the tunnel from Umuahai and burst out at Uzuakoli, some structures are standing by the areas, it was said that it was then the Biafran soldiers hide out.

inside one of the buildings

It is presently located in a bush, a semi tick forest, though areas around it are used for the farming of cassava.  This fact needs to be verified and proper documentation need to be made. I love adventure, I love risk taking and I love tourism.  

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