Monday, 7 May 2018


My right hand on the remains of the mud building of Pa Ajayi family house. 

I am calling on: 1. The Federal Government of Nigeria. 2. Oyo State Government. 3. Iseyin Local Government. 4.  The Anglican Community in Nigeria. 5 Christians in Nigeria. 6. Wealthy Nigerians, to please take a good look at this photos, with less than N5 million we can build a one room apartment on this land, and decorate the inside with photographs of the legendary Nigerian -- THE MOST REVEREND SAMUEL AJAYI CROWTHER who was the first African Anglican Bishop in Nigeria, first  student of Fourah Bay College in to Freetown, Sierra Leone, trained in England as a minister and ordained by the Bishop of London, translated the Bible into the Yoruba language and compiled  a Yoruba dictionary. In 1843, a grammar book which he started working on during the Niger expedition was published; and a Yoruba version of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer followed later. He also compiled a vocabulary of the Yoruba language, including a large number of local proverbs, published in London in 1852.

standing inside what use to be Ajayi Crowther family house 

He also began codifying other languages. Following the British Niger Expeditions of 1854 and 1857, Crowther, assisted by a young Igbo interpreter named Simon Jonas, produced a primer for the Igbo language in 1857, another for the Nupe language in 1860, and a full grammar and vocabulary of Nupe in 1864. In 1864, he was ordained as the first African bishop of the Anglican Church; he was consecrated a bishop on St Peter's day 1864, by Charles Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury at Canterbury Cathedral. He is the first African to receive the degree of Doctor of Divinity from the University of Oxford. His grandson Herbert Macaulay is one of the first Nigerian nationalists who played an important role in ending British colonial rule in Nigeria. He is celebrated with a feast on the liturgical calendar of some Anglican churches, including the Episcopal Church (United States) and the Church of Nigeria, on December 31. I am at the remain of the house where the young Ajayi was given birth to in 1809. 

the remains of the Pa Ajayi house in the middle of the bush,
with a roof by the Anglican church of Oshogun

This is the remains of his father’s house, I was told by an elder of the community that it was the Anglican church that roofed the site so that water will not erode the remaining part of the fence standing. I feel we can do better as a mark of honour to this great Nigerian. 

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