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Standing by the sign post to the hanging lake 

Water, stream, river, lakes, ocean in whatever form and name are beautiful sites to visits. I have had the privilege over the years to visit the Osun River, Ogun River, River Niger and  River Benue.  I have been to the Azumini Blue River, I have been to the Okpu Ana Natural Spring in Ukpor. I have visited the Monastery Mountain Waterfall' Awhum  in Enugu and the  Olumirin Waterfalls (Erin-Ijesha) in Oriade, I have toured on the Atlantic Ocean from the Lagos bank and the Accra bank of it.
just about to start the climbing on step 3 to the top of the mountain 

Now, let’s talk about lakes, I have not visited the largest man-made lake in the world, interestingly, it is just next door to me ‘Lake Volta’ which runs from Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North in Ghana. But I have visited ‘Oguta Blue Lake’, the largest natural lake in Imo State. I have also visited 'Lake Victoria', the world largest tropical lake, the world's second largest fresh water lake by surface area, the world's ninth largest continental lake and obviously Africa's largest lake by area. Today I present to u my visit to the second hanging lake in the world - Iyake Lake, suspended on top of the Oke Ado mountain.

climbing to the top of the mountain on step 200

What is a lake? A lake is an area filled with water, like in a shape of a basin and surrounded by land, with no attachment to a river or stream that feed or drain the lake. Most lakes are found in mountainous areas, rift zones, and areas with ongoing glaciation.

There are two hanging lakes in the world, one in Colorado U.S.A. and the other in Oke Ado mountain in Ado Awaye, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Standing by the ‘Ishage rock’ a very massive rock

The Colorado hanging lake is located in Glenwood Canyon, about 7 miles (11 km) east of Glenwood Springs. History have it that it was discovered by a man searching for gold in the canyon, he found a dead horse at the opening of a gulch and followed the gulch up through the steep hillside through the canyon he came around the backside and saw a small bowl-like basin of water hanging onto the cliffs below.

The Oke Ado hanging lake, is about 20km West of Iseyin, Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State amidst mountains. The mountains were some form of defence for the inhabitants in the prehistoric years. Just like the Olumo rock in Abeokuta was, the Oke  Ado mountains kept the enemies away. Especially during the Dahomey wars against the Yoruba (OYO) kingdom.

laying down very close to a foot like hole – ‘Agbomofunyake’.
Which is believed to be like a door to the lake

standing beside the Elephant tree, a fallen tree with twisted trunks

The hanging Iyake-lake is said to have some spiritual powers for barren women to get pregnant, people with needs go there to drink water from the lake for their needs to be met.    

To get to the hanging lake is fun, about 23 minutes of climbing a 350, steps and 16 minutes of hiking through the rocks. Most of the steps have been washed out by erosion, so one have to be very careful, because once you miss your step, one may roll down to the beginning. 

While on the mountain you will see the ‘Ishage rock’, a massive rock standing like it was dropped from the sky, the communities around worship the rock for they believe it has spiritual powers.

This roots of a tree, still growing after it was up rooted, is also describe as an Elephant tree  

Iyake lake and its water are treasured, no one swims and no ne baths in it. My adventours spirit made me wander the source of the water. Is it rain water, if it is rain water, then it will dry in the dry season, but history have it that for years since it was discovered it has never dried and it retains the same volume of water even during rainy season.

I have been able to debunk the story. The lake overflows its bank with rain, and the extra water flows down the rock and out it goes.  
 If u look closely following my finger, you will notice the escape source of the 
extra water from the lake after a rain fall, this how the lake is able to maintain its size always 

The other option is the possibility of being connected to a spring that supplies the water. (crater lake).

Like in my visit to the forest of a thousand demons, where I saw a talking tree, the mountain of Ado has an elephant tree, a fallen tree with twisted trunks I also saw a talking tree on the mountain.  

There is also a talking tree on the way to the lake, up on the mountain 

I also visited “Esekan Iku” - “the verge of death” from where I sighted buildings in the Benin Republic border towns.

Some folktales about the lake, have it that it is bottomless and leads to another world. It said that some Europeans who once dived inside to find out its depth never came out alive.

Standing in front of the Hanging lake

On the mountain about two metres away from the lake is a foot like hole – ‘Agbomofunyake’. Which is believed to be like a door to the lake. If one falls into the hole, he ends up in the lake.

standing at the back of the hanging lake 

I also saw the ‘ese awon agba’ (footprints of elders), foot sized depressions which were believed to be footprints of the ancestors of the community and broken pieces potsherds that litter the mountains.
 The potion of the mountain where my right foot is and where I am pointing at is vibrating as if it will sink

I love Research, I love adventure, I love exploration and I love tourism


  1. This is interesting sir... I wish I would be able to make a tour some days along with you sir

    1. That will be great, we can plan towards it

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  3. Yesterday, 18th of May, 2018, I visited this location with my crew and we made two musical videos there.
    Thank you sir, Drrapheal James for opening up this place.

    Watch out for my videos #Fairer and YouAlone by #TosinEmmanuel; the videos we made at the hanging lake.