Tuesday, 10 July 2018


With my copy of Roots

 ‘Roots’ opens with the birth of an African child in a village in Gambia. The child Kunta  Kinte grows up in a conducive, loving and happy environment. His parents and indeed, the whole community were proud of the energetic and handsome youth. As a teenager, Kunta Kinta, is initiated into manhood, he along with the rest of his peers are taught the rudiments of becoming adults and also how to protect their community against marauders.  

The young men were also warned to avoid the white men like a plague, since they have the penchant for carting away Africa’s prominent young and healthy men and women to America to work where they are subjected to excruciating labour on the plantations. As he becomes an adult, Kunta Kinta goes into the forest to get the right wood with which to make a drum for his younger brother and he is caught alongside many other Africans from outside his tribe. From the plantation, Kunta Kinta makes his way across the country and meets a girl he knew back home in Africa. He continues to emphasise his strong African heritage, and this led to his right foot being amputated to prevent his escape. It went on to show how the 30-year old Kunta Kinta, who then worked for US Public Broadcasting service adjusted to life as a slave without harbouring any desire to get his freedom.

The book ‘Roots’ by Alex Harley is the search for the origin of his African family, the book is a blend of fact and fiction. In July 1977, the TV version attracted 130 million viewers and was adjudged the largest television audience in America.

Have U read the book ‘Roots’? You just have to read it.

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