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The day I saw a mermaid - Dr Raphael James

at the Atlantic ocean waiting to see a mermaid 

It was on a Sunday May 24, 1981, I remember it like yesterday, on May 23 night I had told my grandma that I will need some pocket money to attend the May 27th children day program at the LGA capital. My grandma told me that my best option will be that I should go and harvest my own cassava and prepare garri and sale in the next market day which was to be on the Tuesday 26. So, while everyone left for church, I left for the farm to harvest the cassava, I got it and as I headed home I had to pass through a river, as I walked through the about 200 meter long  river all alone that morning at about 11.30, I turned, and I saw the creature with a basket seated on the trunk of the wood we wash dirty cloths on, she saw me and dived into the river, I had goose pimples all over me with the size of my head twice as big as its size, I poured out the basin of cassava into the river and ran half way before I changed my mind and went back to the river and I started calling on the mermaid to come and bless me, but she never came out. When I got home and told my story, the elders said they should hold me that I may be running mental. 

A most strange and true report of a monstrous fish' Illustration from 
an early printed report of a Mermaid sighting. 1604

My friend Bella Nwachukwu told me her encounter with a mermaid and merman at the Marina beach in Calabar, according to her she was relaxing by the beach when she sighted them in the water and how they moved in and out of the water whenever she tried to make calls. 

16th centure Zennor Mermaid Chair

Victor Uwaifo in his song “if u see Mami Water” told us his encounter with a mermaid at the Lagos Bar beach, in his song:

Guitar Boy!! Guitar Boy!!
If you see Mami water ohh,
If you see Mami Water ohh,

Never Never you run away,
Never run away with your wife ohh.
If you see Mami water ohh,
If you see Mami Water ohh,
Never Never you run away,

Sing that song of love, Sweet, I love you.
Guitar Boy!! Guitar Boy!!
If you see Mami water ohh,
If you see Mami Water ohh,
Never Never you run away, …..

mermaid captured

Mermaid in Africa are called Mami Water or water spirits, they are regarded as diabolical beings, and are often femme fatale, luring men to their deaths, though in some other cases they blessed their victims, so are the many tales associated with it.

In 1151, a Mermaid was carved on the wall in the Romanesque capital of the Rio Mau Monastic church.

In the British Museum there is 1376 photo of a wall painting of mermaid.

The goddess Atargatis is depicted as a fish with human head, on an ancient Greek coin of Demetrius III Eucaerus.

In August 2009, after reports that some people saw a mermaid leaping out of Haifa Bay waters and doing aerial tricks, the Israeli coastal town of Kiryat Yam offered a $1 million award for proof of its existence, the offer is still on.

In February 2012, work on two reservoirs near Gokwe and Mutare in Zimbabwe stopped when workers refused to continue, stating that mermaids had hounded them away from the sites. It was reported by Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, the water resources minister.

There are tales too that at the construction of the River Niger bridge in Onitsha of how a Mermaid told them to stop disturbing her with the sounds of heavy irons. 

Yesterday July 8, 2018 on the Family Discovery channel of DSTV, at about 8.30 pm to 9 pm, they showed a documentary on the scientific evidence that mermaid do exists. The documentary dated back to May 2012, showed a television documentary of the experiences of former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists, showing a video evidence released in what a former Iceland GeoSurvey scientist witnessed while diving off the coast of Greenland in an underwater submersible. The videos provide two different shots of what appears to be a humanoid creature approaching and touching their vehicle.

Do mermaid really exist is the BIG question  

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