Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Joseph Blankson -- My HERO

My visit to Mercy Blankson, with her two kids

Great men are ordinary men with extra ordinary determination, 36-year-old Joseph Blankson, sacrificed his life for others. After a boat mishap in Bakana Rivers State, Mr. Joseph a family man of three, two kids and wife, dived into the river, not thinking of his own life, he rescued 13 occupants of the boat that were drowning and when he dived for the 14th person, he never came out alive. I am neither a president of country nor Governor of a state but I am in Rivers state to honour to him. If I was any of the two, I would have visited his family on the breaking of the news too.

The face of a hero Joseph Blankson

When the young Malian, Mamoudou Gassama rescued a four year old child dangling from a fourth floor balcony in Paris in May 2018, President Macron of France invited him and gave him a befitting recognition, without consultations.

Mr Joseph a diesel supplier, single-handedly rescued 13 passengers, gave them a second life and died afterward, he left behind a wife, Mercy and two kids, a boy and a girl, the youngest being just 6 months. Two years ago, the same family had a fire accident that took the life of their first daughter, she was burnt to death and the son in this photo survived it with bunts all over him. 

Joseph Blankson

 He left the house on Saturday morning for work, according to his wife, she spoke with him by 11 am while he was still in the office, she called back by 2pm, to remind him to get some drugs for the baby that was sick she discovered his line was switched off, and that was the last time she spoke with her husband. 

Mercy, their first daughter, Joseph Blankson and Owen

I am appealing to the federal Government, the state government of Rivers state all well-meaning citizens of the world, If we don’t recognise the heroic act of Mr Joseph we may never encourage other young ones in the community to do take a risk like this to rescue others if the need even arises. Meanwhile the Rivers State government has opened an endowment fund for the two kids of Joseph Blankson,

Returning from visiting the point of the accident near Bagana
I went on a boat ride with Hon Benson Taribo, the Community Chairman of Abonnema wharf community, a popular jetty in the waterfront area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. The main waterfront for the Kalabari people, the home town of Joseph Blankson, who hails from Bakana, I took off from the same Jetty like Mr Blankson to visit the site of the mishap. Mr Joseph was in that boat with his three sisters, an elder sister and two other twins, when the boat capsized and Joseph Blankson went on and rescued his sisters and 10 other passengers from the sea. When he dived in to rescue the 14 person he probably out of exhaustion never came out alive, he is the only one that died in the incident as more divers joined to rescue other passengers not knowing he was weak to come out of the water. He remains my hero, though he died in the mission he rescued 13 passengers. He gave them all a second life by sacrificing his life. I love adventure, I love exploring and I love history

With Hon Benson Taribo, the Community Chairman of Abonnema wharf community in a boat

A service of songs in his honour will be held tomorrow, Thursday at No. 4, Harley Street, Old GRA, Port Harcourt. God bless Blankson.

More passengers loading to visit Kalabari from the same jetty

This is the account number of the young the wife that Joesph Blankson left behind, show her some love, make her to cry less, make her believe that her husband is a true HERO.
NAME: Mercy Chika Nwankwo 
 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0114367078 

Busy jetty, more passengers with less life jackets  

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