Monday, 1 October 2018

Uloma Naomi James - Nigeria's Young Author, Poet, Model and Dancer clocks Sixteen

She is among the youngest authors in Nigeria, having published her first book at the age of 11, written at age 10 plus and presented on her 11th birthday.
Her first published book at age 11

Born on October 1st 2002, she enrolled into Beulahfield Nursery & Primary School on October 2nd 2004 at the age of two. She started writing at the age of 8 and presented her first published book on her 12th birthday, October 1, 2013 “THE BROKEN BEAUTIFUL POT” - a story about a young girl given-out by her mother for domestic assistant job, but she ended up into prostitution, unfortunately she got pregnant and died while delivering the baby.
Her poem was featured in this anthology 2016

She is also a Poet and her poems were featured in the "MUSE FOR WORLD PEACE ANTHOLOGY" 2nd Edition, 2016 published in Kolkata, India. The anthology was launched at the National Poets Meet on May 14th 2016 in Kokalta India and was exhibited at Dubois Memorial Center during the Pentasi B World Poetry Friendship Festival in Accra Ghana.

Her poems were also featured in this anthology 2018

Her poem "ALI, ALL IN ONE, ONE IN ALL" was also featured in the Muhammad Ali anthology 2016. In 2018, her poems also appeared in the 3rd edition of MUSE FOR WORLD PEACE ANTHOLOGY.

Her very first recognition in 2004 at age 2

In 2004, she received the Beulahfield Nursery & Primary School, Certificate of Merit for the Overall Best Performance in Behavior Award. While in JSS one she was the Class Captain. She got a double promotion from JSS1 through JSS2 to JSS3 in 2014. In her short stay of one term in JSS2, she won the award of 'Most Well Behaved Student' in her class, in 2015. She was also voted the Neatest Student in Senior Secondary School II (2017) and the ‘Neatest Girl’ in Senior Secondary School III (2018). She has 5 awards to her credit so far.

Uloma on the cover of magazine as a model 

She adorned the cover of the 'Pacific Success Digest' magazine October-November 2016 edition as a model. She has been featured in many publications, among them: 'The Harbinger Newsmagazine' October/November 2008; Ejigbo City Diary Newspaper of August 2010; 'Echonews News-magazine School edition' April 2013; The Guardian on Sunday March 16, 2014; Newswatch Times Newspaper of June 5, 2015. In 2017 she won the CW&RC team Young Authors’ Award. 

With one of her awards 

She has taken parts in about ten book readings in Lagos and has donated over 800 copies of her book, THE BROKEN BEAUTIFUL POT” to schools and Orphanages, she also donated books to the Internal Displayed Persons in Northern Nigeria through the 'Young Bookworms of Nigeria'. She also presented 50 copies of her book “THE BROKEN BEAUTIFUL POT” to Her Eminence, Queen Gwendolyn E. Okutele – Miss Nollywood Nigeria 2014/2015 for distribution to other schools she may wish to visit, after she visited my school recently

Performing a Christmas song on stage 2016

As a dancer she has been featured in "Teens Time with Chichi" TV version, and she also got a standing ovation at the Adira Festival Show in Lagos, September 2016.  She was the model on the cover of the special edition of 'Pacific Success Digest' magazine October/November 2016.

In an interview with Aunty Teens Time with ChiChi

In a Press interview at the presentation of her book 2013

She was one of the Star dancers at the ‘House of Phoebe/PIN Creative Art Program 2018’.

With elder sister as a volunteer hospital assistant during a long vacation 

She has also taken parts in several essay competitions both at the national and international level.

She is a member of the Lagos based CRIMMD Library, a member of the Children And The Environment (CATE).

Presenting copies of her book to Her Eminence, 
Queen Gwendolyn E. Okutele – 
Miss Nollywood Nigeria 2014/2015

Presenting a copy of her book to the Librarian of the National Museum Library

EXAM practical for Catering students, she prepared ‘Ewa Agoyin’ - a plain cooked beans served with tomato, pepper stew and fried plantain accompanied with banana smoothie and egg custard. That is her school Principal seated  and waiting to do justice to the meal. 

Performing at the Lagos Adira festival 2016

Sewing is a hobby 
With her Dance Group - The Stars Dancer

Presenting a copy of her book to a Director of the Goethe Institute

A volunteer member of the Beach Samaritan, a volunteer member of the CRIMMD FREE SKILL ACQUISITION CENTER FOR WOMEN. Her hobbies include writing, sewing, reading, bead making, dancing and singing.


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