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Born November 10, 1952 in Oka – Akoko, Akoko South West, Local Government Area of Ondo State. He attended the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, (Now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, from September 1974 – November 1976 (where he graduated in Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering); Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester New York, USA November 1976 – June 1978 (where he graduated with a Diploma in Communications Engineering); University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA September 1981 – November 1985, where he earned his (Bsc and Msc Electrical Engineering); United States Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas USA, June 1991 – June 1992 (Senior Military Staff College and Masters of Military Arts and Science in Military Strategy); University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. He was running a Post Graduate study in Peace & Conflict Resolution at the University of Ibadan as at February 17, 2014, when he was called upon to serve his nation.

the young Arogbofa

In April 1977, he was promoted to the rank of a Lieutenant; a Captain on April 22, 1982; a Major on April 22, 1987; a Lieutenant Colonel on April 22, 1992; a full Colonel on July 22, 1997 and a Brigadier General on July 22, 2003.

He possesses an invaluable wealth of experiences in human resource management, communications and strategy. During his long and distinguished military career, spanning over 34 years, General Jones Arogbofa (CFR) held numerous appointments, including: Chief Instructor at the Nigerian Army Signals School (NASS); Commanding Officer for the 54th Signal Regiment; Colonel Electronic Warfare  Headquarters Nigerian Army Signals, Commander 57Signal Command, Principal Staff Officer Headquarters Nigerian Army Signals; Director Army Headquarters Directorate of Army Data Processing; Commander 51 Divisional Signals Kaduna and commander of many military local and international operations. He also served with distinction as the Chief Communications Officer for the West Africa Sub-Regional Peacekeeping force in Liberia (ECOMOG). He served exceptionally well as a Director of DIFRRI, taking extensive and sustainable agricultural, road, potable water system delivery, basic health delivery, rural electrification and other social and environmental infrastructural developments to rural areas all over the Local Government Areas of Lagos State.

Arogbofa the Orator 

As a Major, his un-doubtable and exceptional loyal and patriotic service to his fatherland won him unprecedented accolades and admiration in the rebirth of the modern city of Lagos. Some of his achievements include the demolition of Maroko slum - an area of the state which for over two decades various administrations in the state tried spiritedly to demolish but were not successful to do it due to the peculiar complexity of getting the job done. Today the Maroko area of the State forms the most modern part of the nation which can be compared favourably with the most modern communities in the world – due to the bravery and dint of hard labor, dedication and self-sacrifice of this distinguished, gallant, rare and unsung Officer and gentleman. Maroko, was indeed the least of such giant steps of General Arogbofa, and under his able leadership there were many other numerous  and notable structural, social, and environmental reforms that made positive impact in the lives of the ordinary man in Lagos State that was witnessed ubiquitously in almost all the LGAs in the State. Many of these efforts formed a good part of what engineered the transformation of Lagos State into an enviable modern and mega metropolitan city of Nigeria that we are all witnessing today. He was at one time the Chief Commanding Officer (CCO) of ECOMOG. He was also at a time the Assistant Director of Finance (Nigerian Army). On February 17, 2014, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan appointed him as his Chief of Staff, a position he held until May 29, 2015, when President Jonathan left office.

The General with his wife Yvonne 

His legendary leadership qualities and professional commitments and diligence won him numerous lists of deserved honors and accolades of national and international repute to mention but a few: Mss, Fss, psc, Fwc, DSSC, MNSE, COREN, CFR, Chief of Army Staff award in Land Warfare from National War College now National Defence College, awards for humanitarian and Relief efforts from National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Liberia Telecommunications Limited award for excellence in the provision of communications at a time the civil war had totally paralyzed communications in Liberia through ECOMOG, best foreign student in United States Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (USA). As an exemplary business leader, he is the Managing Director of ED & ME NIG, Combination One LTD & Innovative Alternatives Nigeria Limited (INNALTER). Currently, he serves as the Senior Military Mentor for a regional training programme organized by a United States of America Para-UN Organization called Development Alternatives Incorporation (DAI).

The General being honoured with a CFR by the President of Nigerian, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

 In advisory capacity he is the chairman of some highly reputable training organizations such as IMPACT, Rightmove Consulting and a member of the Advisory Board of The Institute of Credit and Collection Management of Nigeria (ICCM) and a member of several technical organizations such as the Nigerian Society of Engineers (Electrical) and the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). During his distinguished and meritorious service to our great Nation Nigeria he won many distinguished service and commendation awards - some of which are already listed above.

The General with former Military President General Ibrahim Babaginda

He is the author of “The Way We Were” 1985; “Remote Control System” 1987; “The Man Marches On – Biography of General Raji Rasaki” 1992 and he is currently working on “The Gathering Storm: Democracy under Trial”. He has also written several published articles including: “Religion and Violence in Nigeria”, “The Struggle for Resource Control in Nigeria”, “Electronic Warfare: Now and the Future”, “The Role of Electronic Warfare in Joint Operations”. 

The General as a farmer inspecting his newly harvested tubers of yam

His research works among others include; “Joint and Combined Military Force: A Possible Solution to African Economic Problems”, “Human Resources Development and Combat Effectiveness in the Nigerian Army” and “The State of the Nigerian Nation”. 

The General coming out of his corn farm

He is a devoted Christian who believes nothing happens without the approval of God. He is happily married with children.

The Blogger Dr Raphael James and the General

The General with the milk of human kindness as he wheels a baby into a hall for a CRIMMD program

The General on call, ever full of life

Sandwiched between General Olusegun Obasanjo and General Yakubu Gowon,
two former Head of States of Nigeria  
The Management and Staff of CRIMMD and its affiliates rejoices with u on this great occasion of your birthday sir  and we are glad to have you as the cover personality of magazine

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