Sunday, 9 December 2018

Giringori Akabogu of the New Masquerade deserves our commendation always

A friend, myself and Mr James Iroha aka Giringori

While I served as Media Assistant to the Governor of Abia State from 1999 to 2000, I had a friend, a very senior friend, a man I respected so much growing up in the 80's. A man with the Midas touch, one of the best script writer, best actor, best producer Nigeria ever had, he was then Director of Programs at the Abia State Broadcasting Service. 

Giringori in action 

When he was not in his office and not at home, he was in my place, he called me 'James Junior' and I called him 'James Senior'. James Iroha a.k.a Giringori Akabogu of the New Masquerade. A 1966 graduate of University of Ibadan, the creator of the television drama - "The New Masquerade", which ruled the screen in the early 80s, on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Network. The New Masquerade started as a radio programme in the then East Central State Broadcasting Corporation radio, Enugu which, at its prime, was the “King of Primetime” on the NTA Network. It ran as a 15-minute radio programme, known as "The Masquerade". 

Albums of New Masquerade featuring James Iroha

The audio format was adapted for an audiovisual recording and was adopted by the NTA Network service in the early 70s. For almost two decades, the half-hour slapstick programme captivated a national audience. He spent about 40 years of his life acting until his death at the age of 70. 

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