Wednesday, 30 January 2019


Dr Raphael James with his own Odo (Mortar)

It was my friend Hon Adewale Adeogun’s birthday and I was invited as a special guest, little did I know it was going to be BIG. Some months earlier he had requested for books from me to set up a library and I donated some books to him.  On Saturday January 5, 2019, in the comfort of my staff, Jane Longe, my son Ikemsinachukwu, who is my photographer and my driver Mr Fatai, we left for Olodo in Ogun State. It was a journey of about 3 hours to celebrate a birthday and witness the graduation of students from Hon Adewale’s ICT and Entrepreneurial Centre.

His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun,
the Olu of Olodo and Keesi Kingdom

We arrived at Olodo community, an ancient town in Ilugun Local Council Development Area of  Abeokuta of Ogun State. It is situated in Odeda, Ogun, Nigeria, its geographical coordinates are 7° 18' 0" North, 3° 37' 0" East. 

Dr Raphael James with 
            His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun, 
                     the Olu of Olodo and Keesi Kingdom

On arrival at Olodo Kingdom, I did the rightful thing, I drove straight with my team of Mr Fatai, Madam Jane and Master Ikemsinachukwu to pay a courtesy visit to the traditional ruler of the Olodo Community, Olu of Olodo, His Royal Highness, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun and through Mr Fatai who stood in as my interpreter, I addressed the King and his Chiefs, I pledged to the King that I will continue to give my support since one of the sons of the kingdom is my friend and brother, Hon Adewale Adeogun. The King was full of praises, that all the way from Abia State, I still support the young kids of his kingdom in Ogun State. I interviewed him to the get the history of the community.

The Balles of Olodo Community who came to welcome me 

 He told me how the town derived her name from Pa Olujobi, an Egba man. Pa Olujobi was gifted with the act of carving mortars. He was a farmer and wood carver who migrated to Olodo over 100 years ago, after one of the wars of the Oyo Empire with the Dahomey. What is today Olodo,  was like a market settlement, with people from different area settling down there. 

Dr Raphael James with His Royal Highness, Oba David Ishola Olorunnishola GBADEWOLU 1, the Olu of Odeda Kingdom and His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun, the Olu of Olodo and Keesi Kingdom, with Hon Adawale

The name Olodo as used here have no link to the other Yoruba word “OLODO” which means a brainless person. The people of Olodo are leaned and well to do in the society.

Dr Raphael James with Jane Longe and Mr Fatai (my Interpreter) during the interview of  
His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun, the Olu of Olodo and Keesi Kingdom

After he settled along what was a major road leading to Ibadan from Abeokuta, other business merchants who noticed him from towns like Ake, Owu, Oke Ona and Gbagura also joined him there and with time as the population increased there was the need for them to take a name and among themselves they asked what name shall we take to be identified with. Some people suggested that the settlement be name after the first settler Pa Olujobi, but the man refused and the people agreed that since they deal in the business of producing and selling mortars ‘Odo’ they should be known and address as Olodo. That was how the name Olodo came to be, the king explained to me that the original owners are the Keesi people. The Community is friendly and presently host people from different other tribes like the Igbos, the Hausas doing business there and living in peace and harmony with them. 
Dr Raphael James at new railway station under construction

Olodo is going to be a stopover railway station for the new railway line under construction from Lagos, this means that Olodo will have more visitors visiting and stopping over, more hotels will spring up in the community and the people of Olodo will make extra income.

Dr Raphael James receive an award from His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun,
 the Olu of Olodo and Keesi Kingdom

I was also presented with what became my Award number 121; “POSITIVE IMPARCT AWARD” by Olodo Entrepreneurship and Computer Training Institute, Olodo town. The award according to Hon Adewale Adeogun - the Amuludun of Olodo, was to appreciate my contribution to the community in setting up a free public library and ICT Center. 

Sandwiched between two KINGS (Obas), on my right is His Royal Highness, Oba David Ishola Olorunnishola GBADEWOLU 1, the Olu of Odeda Kingdom and my left is His Royal Majesty, Oba Ebenezer Babatunde Adeosun, the Olu of Olodo and Keesi Kingdom

The present king has been on the throne for about 8 years, before then he served as a Bale (Chief). The Community has had three Adeosun’s as rulers over the years. The people are farmers who deal in yam, tomatoes, cashew, corn, cola nuts, oranges, pepper, palm kernel nuts and oil. 

Dr Raphael James with ‘Wara’ local cheese bought at Olodo

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Sunday, 27 January 2019

They Don't real care about us

school kids being taken to school by their mother

On January 25, 2019, along with my daughters – Amb Oluebubechukwu Sharon and Uloma Naomi, we journeyed about 55 kilometer from my office to the slum community of Isala Ijebu in Ajah area of Lagos. The people speak the language of the Badagry people which is Egun language. Very friendly, I must commend them for that. The Egun people are majorly located in Lagos and Ogun States in the south-western part of Nigeria with different dialects including Thevi, Whla, Seto and Toli.  

an emergency foot bridge arranged for me to cross over the water to the community

What is wrong with us as human, some of the skyscrapers and luxury apartments in Lagos are within the vicinity of Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and Ajah, these arrears are considered to be the status symbol for the rich and the superrich, the movers and shakers of the society, all resides there, but just about 2-5 kilometers from them, we have the people of Isala Ijebu in Ajah, living in poverty, on top of water with planks and mosquitos as big as butterflies. Yet life goes on.

climbing into the residential area of the community 

Their kids go to school in canoe, facing the risk of probably getting drowned, the people main occupation is fishing. 

the community on water 
Annoyingly, there is a Sand dredging company within the vicinity, managed by some Chinese, the question is, like the case of the Niger Delta that oil is gotten from the community and yet the people leave in abject poverty. 

The only school in the community
I was told that the people are not very keen about education, though there is a school in the community,  the TopGoodness School, built with roofing sheets zink plates with planks laid underground with bamboo trunks hosting it from the lagoon. I donated 40 books of primary school levels to them.  

The sand dredging company within the community 

The sand business

addressing the pupils

The school is three rooms together with over 100 pupils, young kids with hope in their eyes. I was invited to this school to come and donate books by Miss Oluwafolakemi Odidi, the Founder of "Identity and Purpose".
with other guests and teachers of the school as gifts were presented to them 
Miss Odidi held a training program for the teachers in the school as part of empowering them in the Education sector

with Folake Odidi, she invited me over to the community

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Nigeria's tourism Ambassador visit 142 years old St Stephen’s Anglican Primary School, OndoD

Dr. Raphael James standing in front of the school 

In 1864 Samuel Ajayi Crowther, a former slave, was elected Bishop of the Niger and the first black Bishop of the Anglican Communion. Christian missionary work started in Ondo in 1875, by Rev. (later Bishop) Phillips; by 1876 Oba Afaidunjoye ascended the throne and at about that time, this primary school the ‘St Stephen’s Anglican Primary School’ was founded in Ondo. The school is 142 years old and still counting.

Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowher

The school was formerly Oke Aluko Primary School and later changed to St Stephen, the late Kabiyesi Oba Aderele , Tewogboye ll , the Osemawe of Ondo kingdom attended this school. 

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