Sunday, 27 January 2019

They Don't real care about us

school kids being taken to school by their mother

On January 25, 2019, along with my daughters – Amb Oluebubechukwu Sharon and Uloma Naomi, we journeyed about 55 kilometer from my office to the slum community of Isala Ijebu in Ajah area of Lagos. The people speak the language of the Badagry people which is Egun language. Very friendly, I must commend them for that. The Egun people are majorly located in Lagos and Ogun States in the south-western part of Nigeria with different dialects including Thevi, Whla, Seto and Toli.  

an emergency foot bridge arranged for me to cross over the water to the community

What is wrong with us as human, some of the skyscrapers and luxury apartments in Lagos are within the vicinity of Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and Ajah, these arrears are considered to be the status symbol for the rich and the superrich, the movers and shakers of the society, all resides there, but just about 2-5 kilometers from them, we have the people of Isala Ijebu in Ajah, living in poverty, on top of water with planks and mosquitos as big as butterflies. Yet life goes on.

climbing into the residential area of the community 

Their kids go to school in canoe, facing the risk of probably getting drowned, the people main occupation is fishing. 

the community on water 
Annoyingly, there is a Sand dredging company within the vicinity, managed by some Chinese, the question is, like the case of the Niger Delta that oil is gotten from the community and yet the people leave in abject poverty. 

The only school in the community
I was told that the people are not very keen about education, though there is a school in the community,  the TopGoodness School, built with roofing sheets zink plates with planks laid underground with bamboo trunks hosting it from the lagoon. I donated 40 books of primary school levels to them.  

The sand dredging company within the community 

The sand business

addressing the pupils

The school is three rooms together with over 100 pupils, young kids with hope in their eyes. I was invited to this school to come and donate books by Miss Oluwafolakemi Odidi, the Founder of "Identity and Purpose".
with other guests and teachers of the school as gifts were presented to them 
Miss Odidi held a training program for the teachers in the school as part of empowering them in the Education sector

with Folake Odidi, she invited me over to the community

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