Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Dr Raphael James stole the heart of young boys at the BMAN program

Dr Raphael James with the microphone, on his right is
Amb Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole and on the left is
 Mr Ola Akinwe the founder of BMAN

Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network program, BMAN Inc. was established to advocate and give life direction to Nigerian boys in an ever increasing world of gang violence, cultism, substance abuse, vices and unacceptable behaviors common with them today, he founder is Mr. Ola Akinwe.  

The mission of BMAN is to raise boys to stand out by standing up, equip boys to be excellent communicators, teach boys ethical literacy and groom boys to respect the opposite sex.
Research has revealed that, young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor are: 55% more likely to enrol in college, 78% more likely to volunteer regularly, 90% interested in becoming a mentor, 130% more likely to hold leadership positions. 

As strongly stated by, an African-American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman Fredrick Douglass, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.
Many have said that values have left us but the truth is we left those values. As Steve Muller, former president of John Hopkins University put it “the failure to rally around a set of values means that universities are turning out potentially highly skilled barbarians”.  

We believe it is high time we brought back to our society the lost values in our boys and it is the mission of BMAN to do just that through mentoring. 

On this note Dr Raphael James the founder and Director General of CRIMMD - Center for Research, Information Management and Media Development, a historic and educative tourist, in Nigeria who has visited 31 out of 36 states of Nigeria and documented over 342 tourist sites in the last 5 years. The founder of the largest Photo Museum of Nigeria History with over 36, 000 photos. Publisher of African Dame and The National Biographer Magazines, a man who has written 56 manuscripts and published 23 books, a man who has so far donated over 31, 000 books to schools in Nigeria and Ghana since 2008, to assist in promoting reading culture and he operates a free public library that have contributed to the upliftment of the educational standard in Nigeria in the last 15 years, the library started with less than 100 books and today they have about 44, 000 books. He also donates to orphanages and gives free motivational speeches to students, yes this man was invited to mentor the boys at the January 2019 BMAN Conference. The BMAN conference was held on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. 

The Conference took place at the Event Hall at Hampton College, Ikorodu, it started by 9:30 am. The theme of the BMAN Conference is: PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT (PMS)-The Springboard of An Enduring Legacy. 

Dr Raphael James told the boys how his personal mission statement (PMS) served as a springboard that helped him to become the person that he is today, a man with over 122 awards and still counting. A man who is listed among the 5 enterprising Africans for the last quarter of 2016 by the 'African Enterprise Magazine' and man who was voted as the "SDLG Africa's Most Reliable Person" 2016 all the way from China. 

Dr. James told the boys how in his third year in secondary school, he decided to go against the school rules and regulations. How he disobeyed the laws. he left his hair unkempt, wore a skirt instead of shorts, wore a long sleeve shirt instead of short sleeve, wore female sandals instead of his ‘Bata-Contina’ school approved sandals. That faithful day, his principal called him out on the morning assembly.  

Before then, the principal announced to the school that: “Today, I will show you all a good example of a bad student”. He called out “Raphael James” and the school went wild yelling “James Bond! James Bond!”  Because that was his nickname, according to James, he made up his mind as he stepped out that the worse the Principal would do was to flog him but he was disappointed. The Principal did not flog him. The Principal cut his skirt open, cut one hand of his long sleeve shirt, cut a part of his hair and his Angelina female sandals then the Principal ordered him thrown out of the school. As James walked home, he wept. he got home, changed and went to a barber, cut his hair, had a bath, changed to his proper school uniform and returned to see his principal all within an hour. When he walked into the Principal’s office, the old man looked at him and tears rolled down his eyes, James joined him. 

They both cried and the Principal asked that the school alarm bell be rang and again, the school gathered. The Principal walked up the assembly ground again and told them: “In the morning, I showed you a good example of bad student. Now, I want to show you what a responsible student should look like. As the students looked around for who it was, Raphael James was called out of the staff room. This is the point where James made up his mind to remain good all of the times in a life time. The boys were excited to hear the story and James got 41 questions from the close to 200 boys who assembled in the hall.

Let us mentor the young ones right so we can get a better society when tomorrow comes.