Tuesday, 23 April 2019

I want to read and be very important - Success Adegor, aka "Dem go flog me na dem go tire"

Dr James interviewing Miss Success, behind me are Queen Gwen Ello Tagbarha
Madam Vera - Success' Mommy and Mr. 
Tagbarha Malcolm 

Met with Miss Success Adegor, aka "Dem go flog me na dem go tire", Do u remember the young pupil from Sapele in Delta State, whose video went viral on social media? Yes she is the one chopping knuckles with me. I asked her a couple of questions

Me: My dear what is your name?
Success: My name is Success
Me: Success, what is your daddy’s name
Success: My daddy’s name is Mr. Godwin Adegor
Me: That is nice, do you love your daddy
Success: Yes na, I love my daddy
Me: What is your mummy’s name
Success: She is Mummy Vera Anwuli Adegor
Me: And you love your mummy too?
Success: Yes na, I love my mummy ooo
Me: What is the name of your school
Success: It is Okotie Eboh Primary School 1
Me: Do you know the name of your class teacher
Success: Yes, teacher Mrs Okotie Eboh
Me: What is the name of your best friend
Success:  Her name is Ovomada Victory
Me: You love school right?
Success: Yes na, I want to read and be very important 

Me: You like books
Success: Yes I like books very much that is why I love them to flog me instead of to send me home, at home I will play and play, I will not read and no teacher at home.
Me:   What will you like to be when you grow up?
Success: I will love to be a lawyer and a pastor.
Me: Do you want to tell Nigerians anything for the love they are showing you?
Success: I thank everybody and I also thank Auntie Stephanie, for the video 
Me: What food do you like most?
Success: Hmmm I love Pap (akamu) and beans
Me: When were you born Success?
Success: I was born on March 12, 2012
Me: So how old are you
Success: I am 7 years old
Me: What is the meaning of your name Success?
Success: it means to succeed
ME: Thank you so much Success for this interview
Success:  Yes sir

This is interview was made possible with the assistants of Mr. 
Tagbarha Malcolm, Queen Gwen Ello Tagbarha and Madam Vera Anwuli Adegor. Photo credit: Ikemsinachukwu James - Nigeria's Youngest professional Photographer   

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