Sunday, 10 November 2019

Modupe Oduyoye an ordinary man with extra ordinary determination

Our poor mentality makes us believe that only those in agbada or with a BIG car, or with body guards are important. Every day I look up to meeting ordinary people with extra ordinary determinations who are impacting positively to mankind. I first met Mr Modupe Oduyoye, pls allow me to use the title Professor for him in 2011 at a book fair and I introduced my daughter Amb Oluebube Sharon James to him, he was happy to see her, I promised to make a follow up in our meeting, but I lost his contact. I met him again at the 21st Lagos Book & Art Festival in Freedom Park. We talked for almost an hour. I present to you an enigma. 

He told me how he studied English language, Latin and History at the University College, Ibadan, from 1954 to 58. He was interested in reading ‘Special Physics’. He later worked as an English language, English literature, Latin and History teacher at Ibadan Boys High School for 5 years, during which he became the General Secretary of Christian Movement of Nigeria. He later went to Yale Divinity School from 1963 to 66 and studied Theology. He also thought Yoruba language on part time basis for the Extra Mural Department of University of Ibadan. Speaking to me he holds a very strong view that if 6000 years ago no continent except Africa was populated because it’s the only place you get the largest area of warm climate, and life survives easier in warm climate. Then life began in Africa and from here, spread to other parts of the world through the horn of Africa.

He holds a Doctor of Divinity the Academy of Ecumenical Indian Theology and Church Administration Madras India, September 1990; Doctor of Theology State University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, January 1991; Doctor of Theology, University of Western Cape South Africa, September 1998; Doctor of Divinity, Chicago Theological Seminary, April 2001; Doctor of Divinity, Yale University, June 2008; Doctor of Theology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, September 2009; Doctor of Theology, Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture, Akrofi-Christella, Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana, December 2009; Doctor of Theology, University of the Free State, South Africa July 2015; Doctor of Theology University of Basel, Switzerland, November 2015. 

Some of his books include: ‘Yorùbá numeration system’; ‘Archbishop Carey in Zamfara State’; ‘Words & meaning in Yoruba religion’; ‘The sons of the gods and the daughters of men’; ‘Claiming the promise’; ‘The vocabulary of Yoruba religious discourse’; ‘Yoruba names, their structure and their meanings’; ‘Yoruba names’; ‘Adeolu Adegbola’; ‘The Psalms of Satan’; ‘The churches' responsibility for understanding Islam and the Muslims in Africa’; ‘The shariyʻah debate in Nigeria’; ‘Le-mah sabach-tha-niy?’; ‘The alphabetical psalms


  1. Really a great man of diverse knowledge. He should be respected at least for his wit and quest for the golden fleece.