Saturday, 6 June 2020


An entrepreneur in St. Louis named C.L. Grigg had already had success with his first drink, Howdy Orange, in the 1920’s. Seeking another score, he tried several formulas for lemon, and then finally hit on a combination of seven natural flavors- hence the name (even though we think of it as a lemon-lime drink).

The soda was first promoted as a healthy tonic-to “energize the muscles… soothe the nerves… and make your body alive,” which is another reason grandma still gives it to you for tummy aches.
Furthermore, its success was due partially to the ingenious name, which became a part of the American vocabulary. When each team in a football game has scored a touchdown, for instance, we commonly say that the score is “seven up.”

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World Featherweight Boxing Champion - Hogan Bassey

Hogan-Kid Bassey was born on June 3 in 1932 in Calabar, present day Cross River State. He attended Greek Town School, Calabar, Ahmadiyya Primary School, Olowogbowo, Lagos. He went on to become a professional Boxer, won the Nigerian Flyweight title in 1949; May 31, 1950 he won the West African Flyweight title; Defeated Joe Bennets on November 10, 1950 for the Nigerian Bantamweight title; He also clinched the West African Bantamweight title. Traveled to Liverpool, England, won the British Empire Featherweight title on November 19, 1954 in Northern Ireland when he knocked out Billy “Spider” Killy his opponent. He held and retrained the World Featherweight Boxing title between 1957-1960. Returned to Nigeria, and became the First Nigerian Chief Coach in Boxing for 20 years.

He was honoured as a member of the British Empire by the British monarch and officer of the Order of the Niger by the Federal Government. After his retirement from boxing, he ventured into real estate management. He won the first world boxing title on June 25, 1951. Died on 26, January, 1998.

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Eko Bridge Lagos cost N8.5 million in 1973

On June 4, 1973: The final phase of the Eko Bridge which cost N8.5 million and covers a total length of 3,920 metres was launched in Lagos. The contract was won by Julius Berger Nigeria Limited. The 58 km. (36 - mile) ultra-modern Lagos-Badagry expressway reducing the distance between Lagos and Badagry by more than 64 km (40 miles), cost the Lagos State Government N18 million.
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